Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I Miss You Poems For Boyfriend

23) Sometimes when I am daydreaming

I often wonder why it had to come to this

The guy I loved and then hated

Would be the same guy I would later miss

My questions go unanswered

But of one thing, I am certain

That life has a funny way

To heave you with heartbreak’s burden

I miss you

Good Morning Quotes For Friends

24) There was a time

When I could never imagine my life without you

But then you cheated on me

Why you did so, I don’t have a clue

I don’t love you anymore

That is one thing I am sure of

But the memories of our relationship

Is something of which, I can never get enough

I miss you

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25) When we began dating I felt as if everything was perfect

But soon after, the cracks began to appear

Our relationship started to fall apart

Suddenly we stopped liking each other

I can totally understand why you decided to break up

It would have been a bad idea to keep going on

But despite knowing that we separated for a reason

I still feel sad, knowing that from my life, you are gone

I miss you

Good Morning Messages For Boyfriend

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